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Meyer’s gentle coaxing and respect for the concerto’s subtleties made one capable of believing that classical musicians are interpreters of a divinely inspired message.

— Duluth News Tribune

Dirk Meyer […] insists that his players be bold. […] The result was astounding. The DSSO hummed like a German sports car.


[Dirk Meyer, the] Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra and Chorus devoted the entire concert program to Mahler’s monumental work [Symphony No.2] and masterfully explored its vast complexity.

— Duluth News Tribune

By the time soloist and ensemble reached the impossibly virtuosic coda, the audience expected — and received — nothing but excellence.

— South Coast Today

Conductor Dirk Meyer offered the most intimate and most emotional performance of this work [Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No.6] I have ever heard.

— The Reader

Meyer “pulled all the requisite drama out of Don Juan, from the lush, romantic strings to that piercing horn that signals the end is near.”

— Orlando Sentinel

Music Director Dirk Meyer had once again shown how he can create tension, resolve it and continue the forward motion (…). The house appropriately exploded with “bravo” and instantly rose to celebrate an amazingly vital performance [of Sibelius’ Symphony No.2].

— Duluth News Tribune

The conductor must prevail, and Meyer was passionate Saturday night.

— Duluth News Tribune

Four movements and 45 minutes later, the DSSO had probably even surprised themselves. […] The dynamic highs and lows of the slow movement [of Prokofiev’s Symphony No.5] were more expressive than I have ever heard from the DSSO, so Meyer’s expressions and gestures must have been the key. His own enthusiasm was present at every moment, and the energy flowing out across the audience seemed to embrace the power of Prokofiev’s very Russian vision.

— Duluth News Tribune

What made it [the concert] brilliantly innovative was the way Meyer put it together with multimedia and live performances. That’s innovation — and that’s brilliant.

— The Observer

Meyer’s performance of Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique was “a heroic triumph for all”.

— Herald Tribune

Conductor Dirk Meyer gave a most colorful interpretation of Mozart’s masterpiece [Violin Concerto No.5]. His precision and accuracy with the work was remarkable. Make sure to follow his career in the future.

— Volksblad, South Africa

Meyer’s comparison of the repeated notes in Beethoven’s Ninth and Shostakovich’s Fifth, and the final 44 or so minutes devoted to the complete performance of the Shostakovich symphony were extraordinary.

— The Observer

Meyer’s crisp, disciplined direction [of Beethoven’s First Symphony] produced impeccable clarity and lovely phrasing.

— Herald Tribune

A funny thing happened in Holley Hall on Saturday evening: Contemporary music broke out. And the capacity audience went wild. (…) [The event] may have changed Sarasota’s only partially deserved reputation for musical stodginess forever.

— Herald Tribune